Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Isdaan sa Laguna: A restaurant and themed park into one

Around Philippines, there are so many restaurants but First in Laguna and located at Barangay Hanggan, Calauan is the newly opened “Isdaan” Floating Resto- Fun Park. A sister company of Barrio Fiesta and owned by the Ongpauco’s. Gigantic statues of Monkeys, Crocodiles, Fishes and Mermaids are all around with singing cooks and waiters serenading you. 

Singing cooks and waitress serenading everyone

A PHP 5 Million worth of Gigantic Gorilla is welcoming you?

Affordable prices of Filipino cuisine and nice ambiance are the catch if one will drop by here. Everything is new. Lot’s of attraction in this 3 hectares place at “Isdaan” like a boat ride for only 20 pesos. The “Tacsiapo” is where one could release his anger with the minimum purchase of 25 pesos, you could remove your anger by throwing the plate to the wall.

The floating Nipa huts are everywhere catering from 10 people to 30 each. For more like an outdoor dine in, there’s that biggest Monkey and lot’s of Coi area for you. I love the lights at night.

The area is like a themed park with heroes such as Incredible hulk, Spiderman, the former President Cory Aquino and Erap?

with Mayor George Berris of Calauan, Laguna

Why the kids would love it? Because of these toys located at all the right places.

Overall, we went here because of the birthday of my Twins, yes! The food is great specially this Inihaw sa Bilao for only 500 pesos plus with assorted sea foods. I love the pitcher of Fresh Buco Juice, In Calauan though we have many from our farm, it is much easier to buy it than to ask someone to get from the tree.

Main point is the employees. The newly opened restaurant gives work to the population of 70,000. Brgy. Hanggan main means of living is gardening, one from the 17 Barangays of this 3rd class municipality. The business gives work and could help the community to be known in the whole Philippines as the biggest Floating Restaurant in Laguna. Tara!

Isdaan sa Calauan (Floating Themed Park)
Address: Brgy. bangyas, Calauan, Laguna
Direction: From Manila, SLEX exit to Calamba. Go straight to Los Banos. from Los Banos there's a crossing for Calauan town proper,Sta Cruz and Bay, Laguna. Go straight to Sta Cruz way instead, then on the right side will be the Isdaan just 1 Km away from the crossing. Barangay Bangyas is the first Barangay at Calauan, Laguna that way.


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